Knowing what you weigh is not enough.

Lite Weight is your weight-loss intuition assistant. Enter your weight daily and get simple and easy to follow recommendations based on powerful, personalized calculations.

The morning weigh-in

As part of your morning routine, enter your weight into Lite Weight. It's an easy process of simply sliding the scale to your selected weight.


After entering your weight, Lite Weight makes a recommendation for how to behave that day based on your recent history of weight entries.

Ahead of the curve

And that's it! Just follow the instructions and Lite Weight will take care of the monitoring for you. It really is that simple.


Lite Weight lets you graduate to a maintenance mode when you find that happy weight. Maintenance mode uses the same powerful weight loss statistics to alert you if you're straying too far from your ideal weight. Maintenance mode helps you know if a weight above your maintenance goal is a normal fluctuation or part of a growing trend that you need to be careful about.


All of Lite Weight's recommendations are based on YOUR weigh-ins and YOUR progress. No other metrics, no averages, no BMI's. The App's clear and simple recommendations are based on the history of your weight and are recomputed every day.


An arbitrary numerical goal is a powerful DEmotivator, not a friend. Every weight loss journey is different, and the longer the road you have to travel, the smaller and less important each piece of progress will seem. Lite Weight does away with goals and simply guides you every day towards finding a weight that you are happy with.



Trying to lose weight? Your body wants to help – it's talking to you, and Lite Weight helps you listen. No charts. No graphs. No calorie counting, meal logging, or exercise tracking. Lite Weight is a simple and powerful weight-loss tracking program that will put you in touch with what author Rob Stevens of "The Overfed Head" dubbed "thintuition".

Dieting can help you lose weight, but constant dieting is not a healthy way to live. In fact, constantly dieting will HURT your metabolism and make it harder for you to lose weight and keep it off. A diet plan won't put you in touch with your body or teach you how to live and eat well. Do you want to spend the rest of your life chasing diet trends, memorizing formulas and counting carbs or do you want a powerful inner voice guiding you to make the right decisions every day?

Lite Weight helps you learn to listen to your own "thintuition" and make the healthy, natural decisions about what your body needs.


Lite Weight is a simple and powerful program that will help put you in touch with your body. Simply "weigh in" each day and Lite Weight will make a personalized recommendation based on your history – it will tell you if you need to slow down on eating a bit, step it up on exercise, or simply relax because you're doing great. It won't bog you down with charts and graphs that do more harm than good and cause you to get anxious about where that line is heading. Lite Weight makes scientific calculations in the background accounting for things like water weight, salt intake, dehydration, and the normal fluctuations in weight that every single body goes through and gives you a clear and simple indication of how to go about your day.


  • Simple and powerful weight loss guidance.
  • No confusing charts, graphs or meal tracking. Weigh in once a day and get a recommendation.
  • Personalized guidance – recommendations are computed based on YOUR personal weight history.
  • Enter weight in pounds or kilograms.
  • No typing! Scroll the scale wheel to your weight, lock it in, and stay on track.
  • Normalizes for salt intake (water weight), dehydration, and other normal fluctuations.
Get it now from the iPhone App Store. At 99 cents, you can't go wrong.